High School Ministry

Sunday10:30-11:45am Sunday School

Sunday 4:00-6:00pm Youth FAITH Outreach

Sunday 6:00-7:00pm Youth Drama, Youth Bible Study, Youth Leadership Training


HIGH SCHOOL MIDWEEK (9th thru 12th) 

    meets Wednesday nights, 6:00-7:45pm.

Middle School Student Ministry


   meets Wednesday nights, 6:30-7:45pm

  • Sun – Bible Study 10:30-11:45am
  • Sun – Discipleship 4:00-6:00pm
  • Sun – Youth Drama, Youth Bible Study, Youth Leadership Training 6:00-7:00pm
  • Wed – Prayer Breakfast 8:00-8:30am
  • Wed. Night – 6:30 – 7:45pm Bible study, Praise and Worship


Wednesday mornings (school days) at 8:00-8:30am in the fellowship hall.

All middle school students
in the Crosby district are invited!

Come power up your day with a great breakfast, praise songs and prayer, then ride the church van to school!


Mission Statement:


The Student Ministry of First Baptist Church Crosby exist to lead its students into a journey of faith, prepare them for lifelong discipleship, and inspire them to carry the love of Christ into their community and the world.




These are the ideal characteristics that we seek to develop in students in the FBC Crosby Student Ministry.



Develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through repentance of sin and submission to His will for their lives.   

Come to understand that God is real and actively involved in their lives. 

Develop a biblical understanding of how God works and is speaking to their life. 

Come to understand God’s purpose for their life and how that impacts them on a personal basis. 

Understand the eternal security that comes as a result of their faith in Christ. 


Come to a working knowledge of Scripture and having it bring change to their lives. 

Develop a continual pattern of study and reflection upon God’s Word. 

Understand and develop a theology based upon God’s Word. 

Know how the church functions with its goals and purpose. 

Develop a standard of moral purity for their lives. 


Be able to effectively present the Gospel to their neighbors. 

Live a lifestyle that promotes the change brought about in their lives by Christ. 

Be on mission and intentionally seek to spread the Gospel throughout the world. 

Faithfully serve in the ministry of the church. 


Program Emphasis



Midweek: is a large group meeting that takes place on Tuesday for High School and Wednesday for Middle School students. The purpose of Midweek is to bring students together to growing together in their faith.  This time will consist of worship, biblical teaching and the gospel presentation.  This time is meant for students to be challenged in their faith and provide opportunity to bring their friends who are lost to faith in Christ. 

Sunday School: is a small group approach to learning God’s Word.  The students will be separated into High School and Middle School small groups.  This age defined grouping allows us to speak to students more specifically to topics of Scripture that relate to their current development in their faith. 

Retreats: each year we intend on having several weekend retreats.  These retreats allow students to get away from the normal schedule of life and get away from many of the things that can distract them from God.  In most cases these will occur over the span of a weekend.  Retreats occur twice a year for both Middle and High School students. This setting allows us to get away and reflect upon God and His desired work in our lives.  This presents an opportunity for students to come to faith in Christ and grow in their relationship with God.  


Matthew Party: this party is designed specifically to reach students with the Gospel.  They will occur various times throughout the year and are a student led event.  A Matthew Party can include a wide range of activities and locations.  Each party is designed around an activity or purpose that provides a platform to share the Gospel.   


Youth Camps: are weeklong camps held each year in the summer.  Students will travel to a camp setting where they will be challenged in their faith and share an experience with other students from other parts of the country.  The intent of camp is to get students away from the daily distractions that many times cause them to lose focus on what God desires for their lives.  Students are encouraged to bring their friends who are lost as the gospel will thoroughly be presented.  We have found this week to be one of the most fruitful events each year because of the opportunity it provides students to get away and meet with God.  This time not only impacts students in an individual basis, but also provides our students a time to solidify themselves as a student ministry.  Our student ministry is given the chance to come together and define themselves as a group called to reach their peers as an outreach of our church. 


Mission Trip: each year it is our desire to take students on a mission trip designed specifically for them to be able reach people in a location different to their normal environment.  Students will be challenged to share their faith and work to help support those who reach that area continually.  Students who attend should be prepared to effectively present the gospel and be able to handle the strenuous demands of the trip.  The location of the trip will vary from local to international locations.  Each trip will have its own qualifications upon grade and maturity.  Our goal is to challenge students to be on mission in not only their community, but be aware of the global need of the gospel to be spread.