FAITH Sunday School Evangelism Strategy…

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If there is someone you want to team with, let us know.

If we need to get the two of you a team leader,
we will do so


WHAT is FAITH Training All About?

FAITH training is designed to:

*Equip our members to effectively share the gospel with friends, family, co-workers and strangers
*Disciple our members to grow in their personal relationship with God using quality teaching materials
*Strengthen and build our Sunday School classes by developing meaningful relationships and encouraging members to reach out to others

WHY FAITH Training?
In II Timothy 2:1-2, we are instructed to entrust the gospel “to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” FAITH provides an effective way of training us to multiply ourselves as active witnesses. The FAITH outline is a gospel presentation that is easy to memorize and understand.

“Why you should be a part of FAITH Sunday School Evangelism Strategy”

Here is an excerpt from an email sent by an atheist to Christian witness and writer, Ray Comfort:

“You are really convinced you’ve got all the answers. You’ve really got yourself tricked into believing that you’re 100% right. Well, let me tell you just one thing. Do you consider yourself to be compassionate of other humans? If you’re right, as you say you are, and you believe that, then how can you sleep at night? When you speak with me, you are speaking with someone who you believe is walking directly into eternal damnation, into an endless onslaught of horrendous pain which your ‘loving’ god created, yet you stand by and do nothing.

“If you believed one bit that thousands everyday were falling into an eternal and unchangeable fate, you should be running the streets mad with rage at their blindness. That’s the equivalent to standing on a street corner and watching every person that passes you walk blindly directly into the path of a bus and die, yet you stand idly by and do nothing. You’re just twiddling your thumbs, happy in the knowledge that one day that ‘walk’ signal will shine your way across the road.

“Think about it. Imagine the horrors Hell must have in store if the Bible is true. You’re just going to allow that to happen and not care about saving anyone but yourself? If you’re right, then you are an uncaring, unemotional and purely selfish (expletive) that has no right to talk about subjects such as love and caring.”

Wow! That makes me thankful that our church has talked to more than 10,000 people face to face, across the past 12 years, about where they are in their spiritual journey and about the salvation found in Jesus Christ alone. Here’s what I know: Personal evangelism (soul winning) HAS to be a part of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy telling people about Christ, but even if I did not enjoy it, sharing the Gospel with others HAS to be a systematic part of my life. Opportunities to share Christ pop up. Yes, I have unplanned “Divine Appointments”. And I cherish those moments, but I cannot rely on those. They tend to come in bunches anyway. This is what I have found: If I put personal evangelism on my calendar I know it will get done. Otherwise it is hit-and-miss and maybe/maybe not!

That is where and why FAITH Strategy comes into play. I am in FAITH Strategy every semester leading a FAITH team and teaching the FAITH material to our first timers. I love it. I love being on a team of three. I love investing a part of my life in those first timers. I love being obedient to our Lord Jesus as I serve Him as His witness. I love being a little nervous and keyed up about sharing Jesus. I love never knowing what we will find when we knock on someone’s door. I love sharing the Gospel. I love being a part of the whole scene when someone trusts Christ and they are saved and their life is changed eternally. I love keeping people out of Hell and helping them make their reservations for Heaven. I just love it!

SIGN UP FOR FAITH NOW at or call Jan at 281-328-2564.

Robin the Butler