Bible Study Groups

  • Sunday 8 AM Adult Sunday School (no childcare available)
  • Sunday 9 AM Praise Band-led Worship Service
  • Sunday 9 AM Bible Study Classes for babies thru 4th grade, Adults of all ages
  • Domingo 9:30 AM Servicio de Adoracion
  • Sunday 10:30 AM Choir-led Worship Service
  • Sunday 10:30 AM Bible Study Classes for every age, zero-100+
  • Domingo 10:30 AM Estudio Biblico Bilingue (ingles y espanol)
  • Weekday Bible Study Opportunities

Spring Discipleship

We do Discipleship here every Sunday evening! It is not too late to join a class, but you need to do it now!


Expectations for all Sunday School Leaders


  1. VISIBILITY: Be visibly involved and active in the total church program.
  2. MATURITY: Display spiritual maturity through living a lifestyle that is consistent with the person of Jesus Christ and the New Testament examples of Great Commission Christians. Invest personal time with God in Bible reading/study and prayer.
  3. DEPENDABILITY: Be present for SundaySchool at least 4 out of 5 Sundays. When your presence is providentially hindered you are expected to secure a substitute in a timely fashion (preferably 10 days or more before the leadership assignment). Except in extreme emergency situations, combining classes is not to be considered an option.
  4. PUNCTUALITY: Be present in the assigned leadership area at least 10 minutes prior to the beginning time. Our schedule allows 20 minutes between SundaySchool and worship. “On time” for the 9:00 SundaySchool is 8:50 and “on time” for the 10:30 Sunday School is 10:20.
  5. PREPARATION: Be prepared to carry out your responsibilities! Preparation is a controllable and preparation produces positive results.
  6. TEAMWORK: We are currently taking a dual approach to insure teamwork in SundaySchool. First, we have Quarterly SundaySchool Leadership meeting designed for all teachers, co-teachers, and directors. Second, the leadership of each class or department will need to meet every three to four weeks on their own. These meetings should include all class members in the “TEAM” Structure. What happens in these meetings? They have seven purposes: (1) training, (2) communication of upcoming events and emphases, (3) fellowship event planning, (4) planning ministry to members, (5) evaluation and planning to improve the “Sunday morning experience”, (6) planning for reaching prospects and assimilating new members, and (7) prayer.
  7. FAITH SUNDAY SCHOOL EVANGELISM STRATEGY: This strategy involves our SundaySchool members in doing personal evangelism and making ministry visits. This is a ministry of our SundaySchool! Because nothing leads like an example, adult and youth SundaySchool leaders are expected to participate at least one semester a year. FAITH semesters are 15 weeks in duration and currently take place on Sunday afternoons 4:00-7:00, January – May and August – November. Children and Preschool leaders/workers will visit children in your class, and prospects, one Sunday per month as a team, 4:00-5:30, January through April and August through November.
  8. GROWTH: Participate in two or more SundaySchool leadership training opportunities and Christian life training events during the year (FAITH Sunday School Evangelism Strategy qualifies).
  9. STEWARDSHIP: The best stewardship testimony your class or department will ever hear is yours … because you are their leader. Practicing Biblically-based money management, which includes giving freely as a response to God’s grace, is the path of greater blessing. We want you to be blessed by your money management testimony and eager to share it with others.
  10. MULTIPLICATION: A goal of every adult class should be to reproduce itself. This is growth by multiplication of cells as opposed to simply addition of members. Younger age adult classes will multiply faster than median and mature member classes. Just think “multiplication” in your mind and make it an eventual goal of your class.
  11. LEADERSHIP: Leaders lead!! Set the example! Show the way! Influence and encourage!
  12. ORGANIZATION: Good leaders work hard at reproducing themselves and putting others to work in the Kingdom of God. In adult classes, organizing your class/department is critical for effectiveness. Organizing the adult class in the following way will help your class be effective in evangelism, assimilation, ministry, fellowship, and teaching/learning.
  • T – Teacher and co-teacher
  • E – Evangelism (two evangelism leaders who are participating in FAITH)
  • A – Administration (two administration leaders who do the record keeping, plan the class/department fellowships, and lead out in assimilation of new members).
  • M – Ministry (two ministry leaders who lead the class in ministering to its members and who lead the class members to pray for one another).

Preschool, children, and youth departments will also need to accomplish these functions but will distribute these responsibilities among adult leaders and class members when it is reasonable to do so.

  1. SOUND DOCTRINE: To avoid confusing our learners and to maintain doctrinal consistency throughout our SundaySchool, you are expected to teach in accordance with and not contrary to The Baptist Faith and Message, which is the accepted doctrinal statement of our church. You are also expected to teach lessons provided by our church unless you receive permission from our Pastor to teach other material.
  2. POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Attitude is contagious and strongly impacts your effectiveness as a Christian leader. You are expected to maintain a positive attitude and overcome negativism and discouragements through faith in Christ Jesus our Lord.
  3. WORSHIP ATTENDANCE: Growing, healthy Christian leaders worship regularly with their church. Every SundaySchool leader is expected to attend and participate regularly in the Sunday morning worship services of our church and encourage your class members to follow your lead.