1. We’re Close!

  Want to drive 30 or 40 minutes to church (each way)? If so, go ahead! But there is an alternative! We are right here within 15 minutes or less of your doorstep if you live within 10 miles of our “home base”.

  1. We’re Conservative!
  We take the Bible at “face value”, believe its promises, and seriously attempt to practice the clear instructions God gives us for daily living. You’ll find us to be straightforward, solid, and scriptural.
  1. We’re Casual!
  Dress up if you like, but you need not. We take a “relaxed fit” approach to worship, Bible study, and service. You will fit in here whether you are in worsted wool or denim blue, high heels or sneakers. It is what’s in your heart that counts.
  1. We’re Child Friendly!

  We will love your children and preschoolers almost as much as you do and we’ll take extra care to provide the utmost in safety and security. You will attend Bible study and worship with the calm assurance that if your child needs you, you will be reached immediately.

  1. We’re Community!

  We are an east Lake Houston church ministering primarily to the east Lake Houston community. Our hearts and lives are being planted here. We believe the light that shines farthest shines brightest at home.

  1. We’re Challenging!

  We will challenge you to step up and step out in faith to reach your highest potential in life. Your past is no issue to us. We care about where you are and where you are going in life and eternity.

  1. We’re Contemporary!

  We are keeping the best of the past and blending it with the sounds of today in our praise and worship. Our pastor likes to say he speaks “with a Bible in one hand and today’s newspaper in the other”.

  1. We’re Comfortable!

  We do not believe attending Bible study and worship should be an uncomfortable experience for anyone. So we pledge to you and your family our best efforts to insure your personal and physical comfort, from parking lot to worship center to gymnasium to the Bible study classroom.

  1. We’re Connected!

  We are connected with the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest protestant denomination in the USA. In terms of global impact and influence, Southern Baptists sponsor and support the largest evangelical international missionary force in the history of the Christian faith. We are touching the whole world, one person at a time.

  1. We’re Christ Honoring

  Our ultimate desire is to bring honor, glory, and praise to Jesus Christ.